March 1, 2015

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Our Faculty and Staff

The administrative staff and teachers understand their work is more than a job or career ~ it is a commitment to a ministry. Joined in a community of faith, they challenge students to embrace the Gospel values that Jesus taught: faith in God, prayer and service, love and respect for self and others, compassion and responsibility, dignity and integrity, peace and justice.

The full time teachers at St. Joseph the Worker School are required to be Pennsylvania State Certified. 




6 Pre school Teachers

3 Kindergarten Teachers                                                16 Teachers Grades 1-8 (2 teachers per grade)

Special Area Teachers

1 Art Teacher K-8                                                          1 Librarian K-8

1 Music Teacher K-8                                                      1 Spanish Teacher K-8

1 Computer Science Teacher K-8                                     1 Learning Support Teacher

1 Physical Education Teacher K-8                                    1 Math Resource Teacher Grades 6-8


Support Staff

1 Director of School Advancement                                            1 Nurse

1 School Secretary                                                                 1 Cafeteria Coordinator

1 Finance Secretary                                                                1 Director of Religious Education


Intermediate Unit Staff

The Intermediate Unit provides us with additional support teachers including:

Speech Therapist                                                                    Reading Specialist